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Tips to Keep Bathroom Drain Flowing



Keeping the bathroom drains flowing is one of the important maintenance tasks you need to do in the bathroom. The bathroom sink can be clogged with different stuff like shaving creams, hair, toothpaste and other residues. If you cannot keep the drain flowing on your bathroom sink it can impose more serious problems such as completely blocking the drains on the sink.


Clean the Bathroom Drain Frequently


To keep the bathroom drain flowing, it is important to be consistent with its maintenance of frequently cleaning the drain. You can run warm water on the drain for at least a minute once a week. This is easier to keep the drain flowing than waiting for the blockage to build up over time. Another way to drain the bathroom sink is to use table salt by placing it on the drain and then pour ¼ cup of white vinegar over it. Leave it stay there for at least an hour and then pour hot water to remove the salt. Another easy way to prevent clogs is to clean the sink frequently using liquid bleach. Frequent cleaning of the bathroom drains and tiles are needed to prevent black moldds from developing in the bathroom.


Remove Clogs


Clogging typically prevents bathroom drains from flowing. Bathtub drains are commonly clogged by hair buildup and soap residues. Falling hair is commonly stuck in the drain and you can easily pull them out. If you find it difficult to reach the hairs with your fingers, you can remove them alternatively by using tweezers or a pair of needle nose pliers. Bending a wire hanger can also do the trick. If the drain is seriously clogged out and it requires the removal of the drain cover, you may want to call a plumber to do the job for you. An alternative is to plunge the drain by putting enough water in the tub or sink and block the overflow unit with a cloth. Use the plunger over the drain and put pressure up and down to help open the pipe unclogging the blockage. The water should drain quickly after you remove the plunger. Pour hot…

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