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Tom Brady, Aston Martin Join Forces for Sponsorship Deal

That’s certainly not to say all of Brady’s endorsements are beyond reproach. Like his less-than-pristine Super Bowl record against the Giants, there are head-scratching moments in Brady’s sponsored past. Recently, he’s been seen in a Beautyrest Black mattress commercial, clad a turtleneck and blazer and stroking a dimpled chin while contemplating bedding as if it were a Rodan encased in the Louvre.

Then there’s Brady’s dubious-at-best association with Ugg, the Australian slipper maker best known for sheathing the yoga-attending toes of Hollywood’s most annoying millennial celebrities. There is no greater gift that Tom Brady has given fans of the Broncos, Ravens, Jets and Dolphins than those images of himself besotted in puffy furry boots, petting a dog. 

But there are earlier hints of these types of unorthodox partnerships. When Brady left Nike for Under Armour in 2010, he took equity in the exploding sportswear company in lieu of cash. At the time, UA was only 5 percent the size of the Swoosh; now it’s overtaken Adidas as the second-largest sports brand in the USA. His shares in the Maryland-based company have grown tenfold in value. Then there’s his ambassadorship with Tag Heuer, the esteemed Swiss watch maker—another luxury pairing far elevated from the world of sports drinks and canned soup that define so many of his peers.

And what of his long-standing but quiet relationship with Audi? Remember that S8 he was driving in 2010 when a driver ran a stop sign, T-boned him, and sent the occupants of the Mercury Villager minivan to the hospital? Brady walked away unscathed, giving Audi the best free publicity they’ve ever scored. So you know the Greatest Living American could’ve most likely gone with the deep pockets of the Four Rings had he so opted.

So it kind of makes you wonder…why Aston?

“The whole thing sort of happened organically; there was a bit of mutual affection and respect,” says Laura Schwab, president of Aston Martin America….

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