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Top 3 YouTube Video Marketing Tips from Sunny Lenarduzzi

According to BBC, video will account for 80% of all Internet traffic by 2019. This means that if you don’t have a video marketing strategy to build your audience online and promote your business, you are missing a huge opportunity over the next few years.

Most entrepreneurs are starting to realize the power of video and are adapting their company’s content and social media strategy accordingly. Other entrepreneurs recognized this trend early and are already way ahead of the curve. Sunny Lenarduzzi, an award-winning video, social media and online business strategist, is just one of many entrepreneurs using video marketing to build her brand and audience online.

I recently caught up with Sunny to learn how she grew her YouTube channel to over 5-million views and over 80,000 subscribers in less than two years while leveraging her exposure to grow a successful consulting and online course business. She shared some incredibly valuable insights with me, including specific tips to help other entrepreneurs maximize the results from their video marketing efforts on YouTube.

Here are Sunny Lenarduzzi’s top three YouTube video marketing tips for entrepreneurs.

1. Content Quality Drumpfs Video Production Quality

Don’t worry about the production quality of your videos—especially when you first start creating video content. The quality of your content is more important than the production quality of your videos. Your first priority should be making videos that are both helpful and entertaining for your target audience.

“People get really hung up—and I was one of them—on having the perfect lighting, and the set, and the audio, and all that stuff”, says Sunny. “But the irony is that I used to shoot videos about a year before I shot my first tutorial, and I would put so much effort into them. The first time I created one of them it was eight hours of filming. It was exhausting, and I’m not even getting views on these because nobody is searching for those…

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