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Trump asked for input on monuments — and he’s sure getting it

At a rate of more than 100 to 1, comments are flowing into the Department of the Interior denouncing the effort to review, and perhaps undo, up to 22 national monuments. On the chopping block in this state is the Hanford Reach monument along the Columbia River.

When the Trump administration ordered a review of national monuments around the country, they said the reason was the public had never been consulted whether we wanted these lands protected.

As Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke said about President Trump’s executive order: “Today’s action finally gives a voice to local communities and states when it comes to Antiquities Act monuments.”

Well, you asked.

I have never seen a public comment outreach more lopsided or sweeping than this one, at least so far.

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The comment period started May 12, and in the first week, more than 50,000 Americans weighed in. By more than 100 to 1, their message was: Don’t mess with our monuments.

“I can’t believe I am writing to plead that our National Monuments not be opened up to anyone to profit off of their resources. Have you been to them?” wrote Laurie Clark, of Sandy, Ore.

“Do not do it, Trump,” read one unsigned letter. “These are America’s assets, not yours.”

“I can’t tell you the toil and turmoil that local parties went through to protect the Hanford Reach,” says a Tri-Cities resident. “Just because corporations want to exploit our land doesn’t mean we should let them.”

As of Friday, the Department of the Interior had received 313 comments that mention Hanford Reach, the 195,000-acre preserve around the Columbia River in Eastern Washington. It’s on the list to possibly be revoked.

But so far only two of those 313 citizens want the Reach monument reviewed in any way. Most of the rest were appalled that we’re even talking about it. Their letters soar with indignation.

“To pass on…

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