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Twin Peaks react: The Return, Part 14

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Andy? Andy! There were shocks aplenty in the fourteenth chapter of Showtime’s Twin Peaks revival. There was a long-promised trip, and unexpected reappearances, and a cameo by a famous performer playing themselves. But surely the most unexpected — and delightful! — surprise was that the person who received a profound download of transcendent information was…Deputy Andy Brennan!

EW’s own anointed Fireman, Jeff Jensen, is on vacation this week, but we’ll be discussing the episode in depth in tomorrow’s episode of A Twin Peaks Podcast: A Podcast About Twin Peaks, which is indeed a podcast about Twin Peaks. I’ll also have a full recap of the episode later tonight/early tomorrow. For now, here are the main talking points:

Another Monica Bellucci Dream

Gordon Cole called up Sheriff Truman and received a mysterious message about Two Coopers. Tammy Preston learned a little bit more about the origin story of the Blue Rose: Young Agents Jeffries and Cole, witnessing a woman killing another woman identical to her in every way. Diane revealed that her estranged half-sister is a woman named Janey-E married to a man named Douglas Jones.

All of these moments were depth charges, and all paled next to the nuclear bomb blast of Gordon Cole’s strange dream. It’s a recurring one, apparently. Monica Bellucci — international cinema siren, played Cleopatra and Mary Magdalene and the only interesting person in Spectre — joined Gordon Cole for coffee. She brought friends; Agent Cooper was there, though his face was hidden. Monica Bellucci said the ancient phrase: “We’re like the dreamer who dreams and then lives inside the dream.” And then she continued, with a question: “But who is the dreamer?”

Then she told Gordon to turn around. He…

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