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UCLA star Josh Rosen exposes an ugly truth about NCAA football

Given those numbers, the smart thing for even the best college athlete to do is to put as much emphasis as possible on academics, in order to ensure some form of employment and economic success after school. What Rosen is saying, and with the numbers to prove it, is that is virtually impossible at major college programs.

Rosen should know that there are alternatives to programs where studying and playing decent football are mutually exclusive. He was recruited by enough Ivy League teams to know that players in that league are held to strict academic standards and every program has, or at least recently had, at least one graduate playing in the NFL.

Still, not every athlete who wants to be a serious student wants to play in the Ivy League, especially since there are no athletic scholarships and financial aid depends on family income. Rosen’s point holds up for the most part. because the Ivies and schools like them are the exception, not the rule.

So, with just about three weeks to go before the big college football programs kickoff their 2017 seasons, where does that leave us?

First, college administrators need to work hard to adjust class schedules and create serious course offerings to give more serious student athletes a chance to get a real education. The NCAA overall and the individual conferences, especially the powerhouse Big Ten and the SEC, must agree to and impose more serious sanctions on schools that don’t expand academic seriousness for all athletes.

However, we all know that’s going to be a stretch. It’s time to admit a lot of this problem is our own fault. By saying “our,” I mean the fans who support the illusion of the scholar-athlete while never even bothering to…

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