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Wakeboarding on a cable wake park

What is cable wakeboarding?

Cable wakeboarding is just wakeboarding but instead of being pulled by a boat, you are riding on a cableski system. It’s definitely the best addition to the list of extreme sports throughout the planet, as a result it combines the simplest of the nature of wakeboarding without the expense of a boat.

Cable wakeboard is an enormously valuable and necessary component to the sport of wakeboarding.

How many cableways are there? There are over one hundred forty cable parks everywhere the world, and a lot of are on the way of being built, especially since the growth of wakeboarding. From those, over 100 are in Europe and Africa (60 of which are in Germany alone), as well as many others in Asia and Australia. But, the fever in North and South America is rising quick.

Cableparks are clean, economical, quiet, and overall, entirely environmentally friendly. You’ll ride more sessions in a day than you ever could behind the boat.

 Riding on the cable truly helps your riding behind the boat. And it’s more forgiving on your body than boat wakeboarding.

 But the most effective part is, you can do every trick on the cable that may be done behind the boat, and even more.

 And it’s the right gateway for anyone who wish to get into the world of wakeboarding. Though cableski facilities have currently been around for over 40 years, a fascinating shift in the cable wakeboard world appears to have taken place over the past 10 years.

Let’s examine that again. No expensive boat, no gasoline, no maintenance, no air or water pollution, no traffic-clogged lake, no set up or cleanup necessary, less risk on your body, and you’ll be able to still become one of the top wakeboarders in the globe, all while having a great time with your friends.

 Nice concept, would not you think that?

How do you start?

You queue up at the starting dock, rope in hand, with the other finish of the rope queued up in the tower (mast) next to the cable, awaiting a carrier. As the carrier arrives, it hooks the rope and continues on its manner, pulling you off the beginning dock and out onto the water. Pure fun!

What’s the potential for future growth of the sport?

As a result of more and more folks are finally discovering its many efficiencies and environmental benefits, there is completely no question that cable wakeboarding incorporates a terrific future!

The market potential for construction of additional cable parks around the world, particularly in China, the United States, Europe, South America, and alternative developing regions is completely HUGE!

Is it limited to wakeboarding only? No. While wakeboarding clearly dominates the cablewake scene these days, you continue to sometimes see individuals on 2 skis, slaloming, or kneeboarding, though MUCH less often.

Learning new tricks comes a lot of easier and faster. Difficult as it might be to believe, the simple reality is that just about every trick that can be performed behind the boat will also be done on the…

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