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Weekend Planner: Let’s hear it for women in politics

The day after President DONALD TRUMP was inaugurated, the Champaign County Young Democrats hosted a Women’s March on West Side Park in Champaign. Up to 5,000 people showed up.

“We were really inspired by all the people who showed up,” said ADANI SANCHEZ, the group’s treasurer. “They really have an interest in making their voice heard. We found an abundance of women politicians in this area who had been out doing this work, who wanted to run for office, and who faced incredible odds.”

So the Young Democrats organized a panel discussion for this Sunday featuring four female politicians from Champaign County. Here’s more, courtesy staff writer MELISSA MERLI:


Former state Rep. NAOMI JAKOBSSON and former Champaign County Board Chair PATRICIA AVERY, announced this week as running mate of gubernatorial candidate TIO HARDIMAN, will be part of the panel.

“Naomi and Patricia have both been in public service through all these changes when women were not treated well in public places,” Sanchez said.

The group also enlisted State’s Attorney JULIA RIETZ and state Rep. CAROL AMMONS, D-Urbana, who was elected to Jakobsson’s seat when she retired.

“By discussing the personal political experiences of the panelists, I think it will be easier for women to see themselves running for office some day,” Sanchez…

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