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What is the attraction with golf?

What is there to like about golf? I cannot answer this question as to me it is a good stroll interupted. I do appreciate the level of skill involved in putting, or driving, however there is so much dead space in between anything happening, that it amazes me it is followed by spectators the world over.

I have played golf many times in my life. I admit not to a high standard. My motivation for playing was always to talk business with others who were obesessed with the game. My clubs were all brough from charity shops, which meant they cost a grand total of £55. This was very amusing to the guys  would play golf with. I would pretend they were borrowed from friends, but they seemed to guess I had bought them on the cheap. Whilst playing I often wondered quite why a game too so long to just put a ball in eighteen different holes. I was informed that there is plenty of time to talk, so socially there is great value to the game. Why not just go for a walk then? You are not allowed to talk whilst shots are taken, so the social side of the game, something that draws many to take it up, can only happen whilst walking around, silly club bag in tow.

Walking is great exercise. Low impact, and very good for the breathing and the heart. Why then do so many people, who look like they need a bit of exercise, drive round the courses in buggies? If golf is there as a part of their exercise regime, where is this exercise coming from? The golf swing? It does make me laugh as I see over weight ladies and gentlemen driving themselves around in golf buggies, hopping out for their shot, then back into the buggy fifty yards down the course. Wouldn’t they  benefit from some of that exercise?

Another thing that bothers me is the lack of excitement for most of a game. So little happens. I admit I understand that a great putt, or even a hole in one, can be deemed exciting. How often does that happen in a game? How does such a boring sport entice so many spectators, and have so much…

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