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Why McDonald’s Is the Leader in the Fast Food Industry?

McDonald’s is the leader in the fast food industry. But why is that? This is a growing franchise with the industry of fast food that is in many countries and in the US. This restaurant was founded in the late 1960s. It is operating in one hundred and twenty-one countries and 30,000 restaurants today. This is a company that is beating out the two major food chains like Wendy’s and Burger King that all have finished out a year that was really tough but McDonald’s was the winner of all three.

It has been announced that there will be a breakfast dollar menu that they will be offering in January that will better reach the customers that do not have much money. In Japan, Wendy’s has announced that it will not be doing business there anymore after they have been there for twenty-nine years. McDonald’s is an insurmountable force that is apparent in the Land of the Rising Sun that has all of the little chains tossing the towel in.


Of course Burger King had their own things that they had to deal with in the US. The company had unveiled a design for their interior in October that cost the stores $300,000-$60,000 that all of the franchisees have paid for dearly. This year, McDonald’s has had a rough year as well in the attacks with the advocates for health-food, revenues that are plummeting from overseas, and complaints about ads that are tasteless.


With McDonald’s they have tried improving their image by going healthier by offering the bun-less Big Mac that is called the Mac Wrap that has calories that is 190 fewer than the traditional Big Mac and has fat that is eight grams less than the classic. They have announced also within this year that they will aim to replace their fries with potatoes that is of a variety that is new that will not consume too much pesticides or water. So McDonald’s nutrition is getting healthier.


The breakfast dollar menu for McDonald’s will help get more people to come their way. While it has blown most of the fast food places out of…

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