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Working at Publix is a Pleasure for Young Man with a Disability

Jonier (JB) Burgos, who has a learning disability, is an important member of the Publix team.

I really like it,” he says. “I plan to stay there for a while.

Jonier (JB) Burgos, who has a learning disability, is an important member of the Publix team. “I help our customers and do carry out service, where I take groceries to their car, and get carts from outside and take them inside the store,” he says. “I also get baskets from underneath the registers, and get change for the cashier or customer.”

JB enjoys working at Publix, though searching for a job wasn’t easy. “I looked for a job all over the place with no luck,” he says. JB first learned about Vocational Rehabilitation, a federal-state agency that helps people with disabilities get or keep a job, from a classmate in high school. He decided it was the perfect time in his life to give it a shot, and started meeting with VR Counselor April Rosenblatt.

“I was very firm with him, and said if you’re going to come here, I want to work with someone who is motivated and ready to work,” April says. “He loved that I was strict with him. He said he really wanted to work, so we started the process of finding him a job that day.”

April knew JB was going to be successful right from the start. “He had that eagerness and all that effort,” she says. VR supplied clothing, bus passes and important professional training to make interviewing, and ultimately employment, a reality. April explains, “One of the biggest issues we faced was timeliness, and I met with his mom and coached her on it as well. I wanted to make sure he was getting places on time.”

JB also met with Job Coach Madeline Scaduto. After discussing career choices, JB decided to apply…

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