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You’re a Dirty Socialist and you don’t even realise it

If I hear one more person compare Britain under a Labour Government to ‘living in Venezuela’ I might to fly to Caracas and throw myself off Parque Central Torre Oeste.

Whichever way you voted during the EU referendum OR the General Election, you’re probably tired of being labeled, and are sick to death of reading absurd clichés.

Lazy baseless arguments posted over and over and over again on Facebook don’t make the point more valid, but they do create division.

Both the right-wing tabloid press and the left-wing Twiterati, are both guilty of churning out labels faster than a Next Sale.

These labels, cliches and baseless arguments only serve to create and fuel divisions, generate some ‘twitter’, and sell more newspapers. Making everyone angry in the process.

Champaign socialist, racist, bigot, leftie luvvie, Remoaner, Brexitard, fascist, Tory, etc, etc. The list goes on.

The ‘people like us’ mentality has truly taken hold in the UK. Such is the vitriol of reporting, Grandparents and Grandchildren can barely look each other in the eye. They should be discussing their differing perspectives, or even what unites them, over a happy Sunday Roast with a glass of red wine and a smile.

But hey, stay angry. Social media sites serve up content you all ready agree with, so why would you bother engaging in any dialogue with the ‘other side’?

Once you label me you negate me – Soren Kierkegaard.

  • If you voted for Brexit you’re old, thick or racist.
  • If you voted Remain you’re against democracy and want to ‘let everybody in’.
  • If you voted Conservative you’re gullible, a selfish git, and/or a pensioner.
  • If you voted for Labour, you’re a freeloading student with no understanding of how the world works.

Applying labels to people is both dangerous and ignorant.

Take the recent Labour General Election vote for instance. According to YouGov, 44% of voters in their 40s opted for Corbyn, compared to 39 per cent who voted…

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