One of President Trump’s Evangelical Advisers says that “…God has given Trump authority to take out Kim Jong-Un” and that he can use nuclear missiles to do it.

Robert Jeffress couldn’t interpret the Bible well by accident. He’s proof that people shouldn’t roam about in Scripture without adult supervision.

By now, after almost ceaseless coverage of the president’s “fire and fury” comments directed at North Korea, I find myself weary of both the bellicosity of the remarks and the debate over whether the president’s tone is some kind of genius strategic jiujitsu, insecure masculine overcompensation or merely stunning incompetence. Whatever the case, at this point it feels like trying to parse the post-colonial subtext in Gallagher’s humor or Danielle Steel’s fiction: a lot of time spent searching for meaning in an epistemic black hole.

Am I concerned about the possible military or nuclear repercussions of the president’s remarks? Of course. As a pastor, I take an active interest in the immorality of war — nuclear or otherwise — not to mention the reality of a president who might plunge us into such a war. But for a president who though he claims Christianity seems to have been largely unmoved by its moral demands, I have already exhausted my reserves of disappointment. Because I don’t believe that the president wastes much time worrying himself over the question of what Jesus would do, I have reserved my disappointment for those who do claim to preoccupy themselves with that question.

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